Real estate brokerage business

Delivering customer
satisfaction to
support real estate purchases and sales

Marumi Sangyo started out in the lumber business 100 years ago. Since then, we have expanded into a variety of business fields, including condominiums and single-family residences, and real estate brokering. In our brokerage business, we utilize our pipeline to large, medium-sized, and small real estate firms, which have been fostered by purchasing land for the subdivision business so that we can propose sales methods suited to each individual property. We aim to satisfy customers as a company that respects and is respected by our community.

Providing wide-ranging knowledge and information

With our highly qualified staff, including licensed real estate consultants, building lot and building transaction brokers, and financial planners, all with experience in sales of new condominiums and single-family residences, we are able to provide broad-ranging knowledge and information. Feel free to consult with us about not only real estate but also home loans, taxes, and other relevant matters.

  • Licensed real estate consultants
  • Building lot and building transaction brokers
  • Financial planners

One-stop inheritance planning

We offer one-stop services for inheritance management and consultation on inheritance and planning for cognitive disabilities, in cooperation with our network of partner tax accountants, attorneys, judicial scriveners, real estate appraisers, land and house inspectors, insurers, financial institutions, and other professionals. Our specialist personnel and partners collaborate to handle matters ranging from inheritance planning, including family trusts and voluntary guardianship systems, through consultation on division of assets and taxation upon inheritance, sale of real estate holdings, and other subjects. We also hold free consultation events from time to time. For those who need to sell property urgently, we offer a simplified bidding process whereby we collect offers from multiple prospective buyers.

  • Inheritance consultation
  • Inheritance/cognitive disability planning
  • Holding free consultation events

Purchasing, subdivision, renovations

In addition to broking, we also purchase large plots of land and subdivide and develop them in order to market home building lots to individual purchasers. We also operate a renovation business that purchases and resells used condominiums.

  • Purchase of home building lots and used condominiums
  • Residential subdivision business
  • Renovation business