Group member companies

Group organization

  • Marumi Sogo Kanri Co., Ltd.

    This company's businesses are based on the themes of safety, peace of mind, trust, and growth, in areas ranging from condominium management through the insurance agency, real estate leasing, and educational businesses.

    It was established in 1976 as the management company for condominiums, retail properties, and parking facilities sold by the Marumi Sangyo Group. Since then, it has expanded into a wide range of businesses including management of vacation homes and land, auto leasing, and handling of various casualty and life insurance products. In the future as well, it will continue cooperating with Marumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. as it strives to deliver services that help customers live their lives in safety and comfort, with peace of mind.

    3-21 Mizuhodori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,
    467-0806 Japan
    TEL: +81-52-851-4509 FAX: +81-52-851-0102
    Lines of business
    ・Condominium management, real estate leasing, real estate brokering
    ・Remodeling, casualty insurance agency, education
    Condominium management business registration: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism registration (3) no. 050991
    Building lots and buildings transaction business license: Aichi Prefecture Governor's license (6) no. 15776
  • Marumi Canada Lumber Ltd.

  • Marumi D&C Co., Ltd.

    Building homes with customers to make their dreams come true.

    This company was established in 2007 with the spin-off of the Construction Department of Marumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. It began operations in November of that year. In addition to handling design and construction of Marumi Sangyo's single-family residences, it also designs custom homes and provides remodeling solutions, as an architectural designer. Its team of architects and other experts, with a wealth of imaginative design capabilities, and the construction skills to realize security and safety is capable of meeting clients' varied needs with high levels of expertise and know-how.

    3-21 Mizuhodori, Mizuho-Ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi 467-0806
    Tel: +81 52-851-3516 Fax: +81 52-851-6002
    Lines of business
    ・Planning and design of custom homes and subdivision homes, building construction, sales
    ・Remodeling planning, design, and construction
    Construction business license: Aichi Prefecture Governor's license (special-24/general-24) no. 104589
    Building lots and buildings transaction business license: Aichi Prefecture Governor's license (2) no. 20955
    First-class registered architect's registration: Registered with the Governor of Aichi Prefecture (I-24) no. 11566