Housing business

Building the ultimate in homes with diligence and devotion

Through its technological ability to realize structures that combine our experience with design, engineering, and longevity based on years of supplying condominiums, and our expertise in building materials, Marumi builds Placesion Garden, Placesion G-Premium, and Placesion G-Crea homes across Aichi Prefecture, centered on Nagoya. These individual homes, built one at a time in harmony with their neighborhoods and sites, create attractive communities.
We build safe, reliable homes with a focus on comfort, from the customer's perspective, through a comprehensive management structure covering everything from site selection and acquisition through design, construction work, and construction details.

Building relationships of trust with our customers

Marumi proposes new residences with value that offer high quality that takes health, the environment, safety and energy efficiency into consideration. Furthermore, we strive to deliver living spaces where residents can live with peace of mind and satisfaction, through after-sales maintenance, a range of guarantees, and other post-purchase services for residents, provided by our in-house maintenance section.

  • 10-year home guarantee*1
  • 20-year foundation guarantee
  • 10-year water-resistance guarantee
  • Termite prevention
    Five-year guarantee
  • A lifetime partner
    for our customers
  • Home defects liability insurance
  • Two-year guarantee on after-sales maintenance*2
    Periodic inspections
    (six months, one year, two years)

* The commencement dates of guarantees may vary.*1. Covers important structural components and components that prevent rain leaks. *2. Covers components other than those described under *1, above.

Broader, deeper, more interactive communities

Valuing connections among the families who have purchased Marumi homes, Marumi Sangyo offers services for owners that include holding various interactive events. These are aimed at helping to create bright, comfortable communities where people smile, exchange greetings, and interact with each other.
In addition, together with the Condominium Business Divisions, we publish the residents' magazine Placesion, which is full of features, including interviews and useful information for living. We strive to further deepen the relationships of trust that we build with our customers, through broader interaction.

  • Holding interactive events
  • Providing owner services
  • Publishing the magazine Placesion