Condominium business

Creating residential spaces
with an intensive focus
on design

Since entering the condominium business in 1972, Marumi has sold condominium properties throughout the Tokai area, centered on our headquarters in Nagoya.
By deploying the Placesion brand of high-end condominiums, based on aesthetics to brighten residents' everyday living and a philosophy of enriching people's lives, we have forged close ties with the community through earning customers' trust over the long term by suppling functional, well-designed living spaces that make the most of their individual locations.

Creating a permanent living experience from a community development perspective

Focusing on comfortable living over the long term and on high asset value, Marumi Sangyo offers condominium properties based on the four principles of proposing comfortable, permanent residences; securing quality to increase asset value in all aspects, from location through structure, specifications, and facilities; providing comprehensive guarantees for residents after they move in; and delivering services to maintain comfortable living. Our condominium business offers high levels of trust and peace of mind, in areas including design of spaces, specifications, and the facilities required for permanent condominium living, plus guarantees for residents.

After-sales condominium maintenance

With our own in-house maintenance section, Marumi Sangyo promises after-sales maintenance six months, one year, and two years after completion of construction. We also propose long-term maintenance plans covering periods of 20 years or longer.

*The inspection process may differ from the above illustration for residents who purchase condominiums after completion of construction.

Marumi Community: Your best lifetime partner

The Marumi Community is a unique initiative established in July 1998, on the occasion of Marumi Sangyo's 50th anniversary.
With membership consisting of the management associations of condominium projects sold by Marumi Sangyo, including Group member companies, it provides support for the activities of individual associations, chiefly through officers chosen from each condominium property.

Marumi Community

Marumi's condominium concepts are constantly evolving based on insights gained through customer feedback

To deliver condominium living that fully satisfies customers, Marumi Sangyo strives to offer even better living spaces. We collect customers' views through surveys and other means, comprehensively reflecting their desires and suggestions for improvement in areas ranging from design through construction work and management, to deliver the ideal in new condominiums.