Building materials business

Offering a comprehensive
from interior through exterior building materials

As residents' lifestyles grow increasingly diverse, the variety of building materials used in home interiors and exteriors is also expanding. Marumi Sangyo offers a diverse range of materials, from lumber products through high-performance composites and wood-based materials. Through a structure that enables customers to order materials and products to suit their preferences, we help customers to realize their ideal condominiums and houses while working to enhance home durability and quality as we take steps to reduce construction and labor costs.

Developing a variety of products to match construction requirements and current trends

Marumi Sangyo started out as a lumber wholesaler. Based on our years of experience and from earning trust, we are able to maintain a global network suited to a diverse range of building techniques. Our supply chain, which spans China and other Asian nations as well as North America, Scandinavia, and other parts of the world, is highly regarded for its stable product quality, high efficiency, and speed of delivery. In addition, as demand increases for use of natural materials, based on health and environmental concerns, Marumi Sangyo is focusing on developing original, high-added-value products, including plant-based materials such as poplar laminated veneer lumber from China.

Marumi Canada Lumber Ltd.
(Local corporation, Canada)
#127-10551 Shellbridge Way Richmond B.C.
V6X 2W9 Canada
Dalian office, China
Zip Code:116023
Chengdu office, China
Zip Code: 610051

Improving our products and services through further business expansion

Our International Trade Department focuses on importing and exporting lumber worldwide. In particular, we export Japanese cedar and cypress logs to China, Taiwan, and other Asian markets, conveying to the world the attractive features and qualities of Japanese lumber. And, going forward, we will continue to both purchase and supply logs and lumber products to meet both domestic and overseas customer needs.