Our philosophy

Improving the standard of living of all our employees and contributing broadly to society, through growing our business.

Marumi Sangyo's guiding principles

Initially established in 1948, our guiding principles have been handed down to today’s employees of Marumi Sangyo Co., Ltd. and Group member companies, even as our scope of business activities has expanded.

Code of Conduct
Understanding the importance of our businesses and our social mission, employees must strive, through continuous self-improvement, to expand their capabilities and build character, through their actions, advancing fair business activities in compliance with laws and regulations, and cooperating to do everything in their power to help the Company's businesses grow. In doing so, they must carry out everyday activities based on the following spirit, playing their parts in contributing to the progress of society, overall, through Company business activities.
  1. 01

    Enthusiasm for progress

    Our goal is to contribute to a prosperous society by securing appropriate gains through proactive, efficient, and innovative business activities and raising the standard of living of every employee in tandem with the growth of the Company.

  2. 02

    Respect for humanity

    With a deep understanding of the importance of social responsibility as members of Marumi Sangyo, our employees must take care of their mental and physical health, strive to keep learning, grow as individuals by fostering the abilities needed to realize their human potential and work creatively, and demonstrate their overall capacity as individuals through assuming appropriate assignments within the organization.

  3. 03

    Planning, implementation,

    Our Company's growth and development are spurred by improving productivity and by the motivated business endeavors of all employees toward ever higher performance. Accordingly, we must strive constantly to advance research and development in our businesses, formulate effective management policies, and implement them boldly and consistently based on careful planning and preparation.

  4. 04

    Improving services

    Through ascertaining market trends at all times, being cost-conscious, and effectively managing capital, we must strive to deliver quality materials to the right place at the right time, at reasonable prices, and unceasingly study and carry out efficient business activities.

  5. 05

    Conscientious, appropriate,
    and fair

    Our Company's basic philosophy calls for balanced consideration of all relevant matters, being conscious of our social responsibilities to all stakeholders, including employees, partner companies, shareholders, and other relevant parties, since it is based on close ties with all of them.